Sunday, February 08, 2004

The Super Breast--One Week Already?

Has it been a week since the Super Breast--er Bowl? It was a great football game, down to the wire. As to halftime, I'm way tired of that.

Yes, I live in Houston and the only thing I did related to the Super Bowl was to watch it on TV. Didn't buy a shirt, didn't go downtown, didn't have a party. Now that it's over, I'm looking foward to getting downtown and enjoying what it looks like without all the celebs and traffic.

I did 17 miles on the bike that afternoon. A beautiful day. Lots of families were out in the yard and cul-de-sacs BBQing, riding bikes, throwing footballs around. I saw more people out that day than any other time I've gone riding. Lots of cars being washed too.

On Monday it was spinning class. Packed full, almost didn't get a bike. They have 5-6 broken bikes so one or two latecomers were turned away. Had a good ride. Wednesday, aerobics. Another good workout, not as many people. Must have still been hung over or something.

Yesterday (Saturday) rode 15 miles on another beautiful day. It's a little cloudy and cold today, don't think I'll be getting out on the bike, need to finish a review article I'm writing.

I've been reading "The Immortal Class". It's an interesting book about bike messengers. I'm not into the bike-everywhere thing right now, but this book is a great look into that world; there are others.

Planning on riding in the West U Warmup next weekend. See you there!