Monday, February 28, 2005

The 2005 MS-150: Not Gonna' Do It!

I decided some time ago not to do the MS 150 in 2005. Too many things on my plate, and didn't have the energy to do the training rides and all. Gonna try to do one or two training rides though.

Finally got my "Live Strong" bracelets. I had been looking around at local bike shops for one, and had heard all sorts of stories about orders from the web site being slow, but once I finally placed an order, it only took about two weeks to get them. Seeing Lance and Sheryl on Oprah (my wife taped it for me) finally pushed me over the edge to order.

I am planning to do the MS 150 next year; this year I will try to volunteer at one of the rest stops, or the starting gate.

See ya on the road,