Wednesday, January 07, 2004

New Year, New Step Class Routine

Going home in the evening from work, I pass by the Ernest & Co. Gym at the corner of Greenbriar and Holcombe, where the aerobics class participants are on display in the first-floor store front windows. I can usually tell what steps they are doing since I've been doing step for a long time, but I wonder what the other drivers think as they drive by. Do they think the steppers look goofy? Do they think "I should be working out"? I wonder what it's like to be in that class and have the cars pass by and watch you while you sweat in your spandex and old t-shirt. I'm used to watching myself and others in the mirror while doing aerobics, and having club members pass by the windows and watching us. But not a whole street full of people.

Since September we had been doing triple step in advanced step class, with Fernanda's great instruction. Triple step was a nice change from the single step routines before, but Fernanda promised a new routine come January. Today was the first day of the new class and the new routine was wonderful, although I kept getting tied up directionally. I like the variety of doing a step class on Wednesday after a spinning class on Monday.

So that was my training for the day; no miles on the bike.