Sunday, January 11, 2004

Please Donate to the Lupus Foundation

In the list of links to the left you'll find one to make a donation to the Lupus Foundation. I'll be participating on the Houston Press/Metro 5K on Sunday the 18th of January. The pledges I get will all go to the South Coast Texas Chapter of the Lupus Foudation of American. Please make a donation.

After 5 days of bitter cold (on a Houston scale) and rainy days we got some great weather this weekend and I went out riding yesterday afternoon. It was absolutely gorgeous and I put in 15.8 miles on the bike, the most I've done in one ride so far! Whew! Top speed 21 mph on the park track. The odometer on my bike now reads 65 total miles. Not very far yet, but I'm getting there.

Welcome to H-Town Bloggers! I've asked to join the H-Town Bloggers; as part of joining, I've placed a link to the H-Town Bloggers Web page to the left. Please cruise on over and take a look. If you came over from there, thanks!

Biking is a pretty expensive hobby/pastime/vocation/routine. I've got to buy pedals with toe clips, and a bike rack for my car, so I can take the bike to all these rides I'm going to be signing up for. I even need a bottle cage to hold a water bottle on my bike--no I didn't get one of those when I bought the bike originally. After all, if you're going to let your bike sit in the garage for 5 years and never ride it, who needs a water bottle? ;-)

I've been watching the new episode of Alias while I've been writing this. It's one of my favorite shows in TV. Our son has been in college and missed the first two seasons, so he bought them on DVD and watched them during his break.

It's getting to the climax, gotta go!