Monday, December 29, 2003

Biker Bling Bling

The Christmas holidays have thrown my training schedule off course. I have not riden since Christmas Eve. We were up late that night since I was ushering at the Candlelight Service at church. Afterwards, we did our Santa thing, so I didn't get to bed until 1:45 a.m. Christmas Day was filled with family fun opening presents, an afternoon nap, shrimp boil and chow down, and watching "Pirates of the Caribbean".

On Boxing Day we drove up to Waco to stay with in-laws for a couple of days and celebrate there, then came back through Austin to eat lunch at Matt's with my sister's family and a long-time Austin friend. We returned to Houston in the rain last night.

So, I have good excuses not to have riden my bike for four days (yikes, that's a long time!).

I did receive lots of biker bling bling as Christmas gifts from my wife and kids; bike shorts and easy-dry shirt; bike gloves; a bike U-lock (our son's bike was stolen from the Rice campus last semester because he used a cable lock that was apparently easily cut); a flashing light to wear; reflective leg bands; and a lightweight pancho for those rainy days (I'm not looking forward to wearing that). I am all set up to get to the next level of training. Time to get on that bike!

(but maybe not today since we are expecting a guest at any minute).