Monday, December 22, 2003

God's Seed Begins to Germinate

So there I was, lighter and spinning away on Monday mornings. But something was missing. The wheel was turning but I was not going anywhere. I had done great on the diet, but had reached a plateau. I needed a goal. I had signed up to walk the 5K in the Houston Press Walk/Run in January, raising money to find a cure for Lupus. You can go to this link to make donations in my name. So, God's seed began emerging, and I began to think about experiencing the MS 150. I started talking to different people about it. A graduate student at Rice who had participated in previous rides; a close personal friend with MS who volunteers in the race (she has agreed to be my pedal partner for the event in 2004); a consultant who works with our group at Rice and had also participated in the ride in the past; our spinning instructor Kim; and others. My dental hygenist, who is a marathon runner, said that I needed to got ahead and sign up for the ride since everyone I had talked to would expect me to do it, and would keep asking me about it until I did. Therefore I did. You can make donations at this page:

Here I go,