Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Bling Bling Bada Bam!

Absolutely beautiful day in Houston--started out with a light frost on the grass this morning, warmed up nicely with a light breeze so that by the early afternoon I was ready to try out my bling bling. Got all duded up in my new biker shorts, shirt, gloves, and flashing light on a beltpack, and headed out for the local streets and walk/bike path. Had a lot of fun, managed to up my average speed, and went 10 miles. My legs had a lot of energy. The shorts helped prevent butt soreness, so they were great to have. The bling bling was a hit!

So far I've avoided riding on busy streets. I stick to the sidewalks unless I am in a calm neighborhood. Now that I am getting some distance to my rides, I'll probably try riding the city streets in the next few days. Not looking forward to getting run off the road by various vehicular traffic. Don't know how bikers get up and ride again after that. Will probably find out.

Time to start signing up for the warm-up races, taking a look at those on the web, trying to decide which ones to participate in.

Watch out for me,